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Training is an important component when we accept the system or migrate to newer system. Our team of experts will conduct online training of institute officers and provide them detailed insights of the system. Registered institutes can depute their officers who will be assigned for execution of tenders (purchases), approval of tenders, processing of Purchase Inquiry tenders etc. for training. The training shall be conducted through online mode.

On request, institute officers can be offered with practice of processing of tenders using practice login. In the process they can take assistance of Call Center as and when required.

The institute staff can attend refresh trainings arranged every month in online mode where they can interact with EduMart trainer and get the answers to their queries.

Online learning module is made available for institute staff for anytime reference. This online module can be referred by them as and when required. Separate videos manuals are provided to refresh the process / understand the process, institute staff can visit these video manuals as and when it is required.

Dedicated call center support is provided on all working days if any help is required by the institutes.

If institute need any guidance from our experts regards to tender like Civil Tenders processing, Overall tender processing etc., then they can book a call with our experts through Call Center Support.